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Travis Andersen Photography Pricing

All prints are Archival Giclee Canvas Prints. 

Panorama Prices


There are several size options and the price is set based on the width of the prints, the height varies somewhat from one image to the next depending on the cropping.



Basic retail prices for the panorama photos on Canvas are as follows:

     All canvas prints will come stretched on a wooded canvas stretcher frame (like a painting).

      Larger custom sizes, up to ten feet accross, are also possible.  Please call or email me for a quote. 


            36” Print Only    $275.00

            48” Print Only    $350.00

            60” Print Only    $575.00

            72” Print Only    $825.00 

            Custom Larger Sizes - Call for a Quote



Standard Print Prices - these prices refer to any standard shape image, not panoramas.


     Standard size prints available on canvas:


           20"x30"  Stretched Canvas    $375

           30"x40"  Stretched Canvas    $725

           40"x60"  Stretched Canvas    $1250


Framing Prices

There are countless ways to frame and mat photography, everyone has their own taste.  I personally prefer to frame most of my panoramas with rustic reclaimed wood.  I like how it compliments the photos and I spend a great deal of time trying different woods and finishing techniques in an effort to find what looks best with each individual piece.  I enjoy the process almost as much as shooting the images and really like creating each piece of artwork from start to finish.

Here is a shot of some of my framed pieces hanging at Montana Trails Gallery.

The prices below are a good basic starting place for the frames I build for my panoramas (print included).  The final prices can vary a little based upon the style, the wood, and the time spent on the frame.  No two of my frames are exactly alike.


Framed Canvas Prints:

            36" Stretched Canvas - Framed to order starting at $450

            48" Stretched Canvas - Framed to order starting at $650

            60" Stretched Canvas - Framed to order starting at $950

            72” Stretched Canvas - Framed to order starting at $1500.00

            Larger custom sizes also available, please call for a quote.


If you are interested in a more contemporary style frame, the OLD MAIN GALLERY in downtown Bozeman carries my prints and does very nice matting and framing.

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